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Our philosophy has always been life/work balance.  After college I was planning on going into finance but literally got recruited into recruiting.  I had never even heard about the industry.  I went to work for a corporation that specialized in recruiting.  Hundreds of people all scrambling to compete against each other.  Luckily I thrived in a hyper competitive environment but quickly found out that I was at my best when I challenged myself.  I realized that there was a market that was being completely ignored and that was the food industry.  We went to the president of the company and asked if we could start an exclusive food/consumer goods recruiting division.   We got the green light and my expertise was born.  The Fab news was I honed my recruiting and management skills, I spent many years building the Division to a very successful division.  The bad news was, I was with a company that did not promote women so I decided to take a chance, make a change and leave.

The timing was perfect.  I had a non compete agreement for a year and took that time to plan, and organize the type of recruiting firm I wanted to be.  I also spent the time taking care of my Great Aunt Rose who was 90 and was my rock throughout my life.  She was dying and I had promised her that she would never see the inside of a nursing home.  She died peacefully in her own bed surrounded by love and comfort and I knew I wanted to start a company that gave employees the flexibility to live their lives, be present at work but also be present in their home lives.  RF Search was born.

We are a network of recruiters who devote ourselves to old fashioned recruiting.  You won’t see our listing of your job under yours on LinkedIn and other websites.  You are not paying us to run the ads that you already did.  We recruit by networking, social media but mostly old fashioned calling people on the phone.

To those looking for a job, we are straight shooters about the opportunities we have.  No fudging of facts.  You see the specifications exactly as the companies have given them to us.

We don’t take any job, from any industry, just to get business.  The Food industry and Consumer Goods is our area of expertise.